mSpot Horror Movies

mSpot Horror Movies

mSpot Horror Movies offers the user access to a library of full-length movies, which can be streamed and played directly on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

The application is subscription-based, and the user can watch any of the movies as many times as they want, as long as their subscription is active. New movies can be added at any time.

A key feature is the ability to renew the monthly subscription using in-app payments. This is a significant advantage, since it is a very low-friction method of payment for the user.

The application is intelligent enough to benchmark the Internet connection strength of the device when loading data such as the movie list, and uses that information to select an appropriate video stream, while being careful to respect Apple's guidelines for mobile data usage.


  • Stream full-length movies to iPhone or iPod Touch (over wifi or 3G)
  • Browse library of movies, read descriptions, and watch trailers or full movies
  • Renew monthly subscription directly through the app, using In-App Purchase
  • Movie player remembers movie progress, and can resume the movie if the user leaves the app and returns
  • House ads can be used to upsell client’s other services


  • Fully native application
  • Uses HTTPS XML API to communicate with backend server
  • All content (movies, movie descriptions, etc.) is loaded dynamically through the API
  • Uses the iPhone SDK Movie Player to stream H.264 video
  • Requests different streams based on connection strength

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