ShowSlinger connects artists, venues, and fans with powerful financial, promotional, and booking tools.

ShowSlinger is a rich platform for artists, venues, and fans. Venues and artists can discover each other and manage the booking and scheduling process. Artists and fans can interact in real-time through live tips and song requests.

  • Contact management for acts and venues
  • Gig scheduling with calendar features
  • Rich profiles with photos, videos, and songs
  • Live tips and song requests
  • Fundraising campaigns

Modern Design

A clean, professional design is essential to earn users' trust and make the app a pleasure to use. With design cues from benchmark applications such as Facebook and AirBnB, using the ShowSlinger app feels both familiar and modern.

Payment Integration

ShowSlinger uses credit card payments for monthly subscriptions, tips during live gigs, and contributions to crowdfunding campaigns. Payment integration is seamless and secure.

Social Media Integration

The ShowSlinger app makes it easy to share content and invite friends through email, SMS, and social media networks. A simple referral program encourages users to contribute to the platform's growth.

Polished User Experience

Many users will first experience ShowSlinger in a dark and crowded venue, which means the user experience must be as streamlined and straightforward as possible. Convenience features such as first use hints and credit card scanning are included.

Location Services

Location services are used to identify when users are at a live gig. The app shows users real-time information about the acts playing, and makes it easy to tip and request songs during gigs.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are sent for key events such as receiving tips or gig invites, which increases user engagement and retention.

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